Monday, November 21, 2011

San Francisco commits to renewable energy!

Welcome back to Ask Doug The Electrician! I found this article yesterday and thought it was a big step for San Francisco, and a great opportunity for anyone interested in working in the renewable energy will now have a chance if they want. This should create more jobs for people in the coming future so start learning! San Francisco government officials recently announced that they want their city to be powered 100% by renewable energy by 2020. This is quite a lofty goal indeed, but the announcement is not shocking for this environmentally conscious city. San Francisco and other Bay Area communities have become more focused on creating more renewable resources as the population grows. Solar energy through solar panels would provide a renewable and reliable source of energy. The city government will start accepting bids to install solar panels on the city hall and Davies Symphony Hall rooftops. They also have plans to install solar panels on other city-owned buildings as well. But their initiative doesn’t stop with city buildings. Government officials say that city buildings are only the beginning, and that by the year 2020, they would like to see the entire city powered by solar energy. The new push for solar power adoption is in line with the goals of California State renewable energy initiatives and San Francisco plans to pull their own weight. California is the 12th largest emitter of carbon in the entire world, but widespread use of solar energy in the state would reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses drastically. Thanks for stopping by Ask Doug The Electrician! Doug

Friday, November 18, 2011

1,000,000th kilowatt reached in California

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You know that exciting moment when you watch your car's odometer turn from 99,999 to 100,000 miles? Last month, California's solar industry did something similar: it logged in the 1,000,000th kilowatt, officially hitting a gigawatt of clean, green capacity. California continues to lead the nation with its commitment to solar power.
That was cpoied out of the November California State Incentive newsletter I receive. Extra cool to have been a part of those numbers personally! I hope to learn more and more about the other renewable energies as we proceed into the new year.... Boy this year went fast.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Third Technological Evolution?

Thank you for stopping by Ask Doug The Electrician! Its Monday, October 23,2011

Ever wonder if your car could just run on electricity, and as long as you could get to an outlet you could go almost anywhere? How about driving and stopping over a specified area on the road and fully charging up your electric car, truck, or public transportation bus? ITS HERE! As a matter of a fact, most of the top car manufacturers already have began creating models for exactly that. Within the next few years you will begin to see more cars, actually, vehicles of all sorts on the roads. You will also see a huge number of charging stations all around your entire city infrastructure.....
How about cell phone integration into your sun or seeing glasses? I myself am interested in the awesome lithium Ion battery technology as well as fuel cell technology. Wow! We are in for such great advances soon. I am very excited and just hope to be around to enjoy and work with them!
Which leads me to think about a current, existing, major PROBLEM!
The current electrical conducting/transportation system that provides electricity to you and your city 24/7 is quite old, and under extreme stress. EXTRA OLD conductors that are justifiably almost compromised, repaired, tapped into, re-installed, and most definitely, EXPANDED BEYOND YOUR BELIEF in the past 20-40 years!
I have tried to take a guess as to how many miles of circuitry myself working for others and Douglas Doherty Electric & Solar has installed! An awesome amount for sure, which I am really proud of. Take that plus add every other electrical and general contractor out there's accumulated approximate totals and it easy to see whats up.
Solar and other renewable energies have also been a huge part of the complete electrical structure. REMEMBER, all grid tied solar and renewable energy systems are ADDED to the existing complete electrical grid! All electrical needs run through those overhead wires, from a source to every single needed outlet, light, or electrical device.....
2012 will be quite a year for energy and how humans control it in a much more compassionate, reasonable and extremely innovative way. It just has to. I really do not to write about the otherwise.....
In conclusion, for today, I leave you with these thoughts of our immediate future, and hope you are SPARKED into coming up with the next revolutionary idea! Do it

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hold your drill with two hands

Welcome back to Ask Doug The Electrician! Happy Monday to everyone. So last week I needed to get a few wires through the bottom plate or mud sill of a residence. I began drilling and just didn't quite have the right body positioning so I stopped to reposition. Once I had my body in the right position I began drilling again. Once the motor kicked in it torqued the drill and it twisted in my hands, hitting my eye and cheek bone... Bummer. I had all my force against the drill in a forward position and not so much in the side to side. Man that got me good! I stayed in the same spot and finished drilling through and made sure it was adequate. Once my partner saw my face and the blood he asked if I was OK, I went inside to clean up real quick. A day later I had a sore black eye.
So, my fellow friends who intend on drilling with your own drill motors, please remember to use two hands and don't put your face near the motor... Good advise!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Thank you for stopping by Ask Doug The Electrician! I have had the unfortunate privilege of having the last two weeks off of work, so I have also been a little worried. This year has been very tough for everyone who I have spoken to, and it seems that most of the contracting business owners that I know have been hit about as hard as myself. I have never been in this position for so long, and hope something changes very soon.

I will keep on looking out for others, and hopefully something comes in for us too. Have a great weekend all!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Day Walking In San Francisco

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I had a great day in San Francisco this past Monday June 13, 2011. The weather was perfect there, I was waiting for a city inspection around 1pm, but I got there a little early. I think I parked in my usual NO PARKING zone about 8:50am, and took off walking. I had an awesome "everything" bagel with cream cheese and showed the employee that they could save about $28 a month if they change out all of their halogen light bulbs. We shook hands and took off walking again while enjoying the extra good bagel. I continued to walk for about another hour or so, down Polk street then back up Broadway. Man, there sure are a lot of people there! Awesome.
This picture was taken on top of a roof that I installed solar energy on just the week prior.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Energy Conservation Code Upgrades For 2012

Welcome back to Ask Doug The Electrician. I'm really interested in this Residential construction in California is to be at a Zero net energy by 2020, as per the "California Efficiency Strategic Plan"
For the meantime however, a current energy upgrade will be required for 2012. Homes and buildings are to achieve energy savings of 30% higher than the 2006 code. This upgrade is the biggest single-step efficiency increase in the history of the National Electrical Code!
Homes and commercial buildings produce half of the United States greenhouse gasses and uses more than 75% of the power generated by power plants.
This code upgrade did not require congressional action, and about 500 state, county and city building and fire code officials from all around the United States voted to upgrade the code.
These changes will affect new construction and retrofits for homes, businesses, schools, churches and commercial buildings. Most of the changes impact heating and cooling loss, windows and skylights, insulation in walls, ceilings and foundations, water heating and distribution systems, and lighting efficiency.
Stocks in green building companies may be something to keep an eye on too!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sun, Solar and Free Energy

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Well since the sun has been peaking out lately, we have been busy advocating solar energy! In the last week, we have installed two small solar energy systems here in California. One was in Livermore and the other was in Milpitas. Kind of a cool thing, both projects were on the same Hayward fault line. No earthquakes though, so the days went without any shaking...
Both projects were using the same solar panels, Canadian Solar 230 watt. We installed Enphase micro inverters under each panel on the roof so the DC power is converted to A/C power immediately! This eliminates generated power loss and the need for one single large inverter is gone. Enphase micro inverters are an excellent choice if your roof experiences some shading during the day.
Two projects in one week was awesome! I hope to help out more and more people save money and begin producing their own electricity.
Thanks for reading!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Same As Cash Program

Hello and happy Friday, April 1, 2011! Welcome back to Ask Doug The Electrician!
What a beautiful day today here in San Jose. Had to wash our truck and trailer so we look presentable tomorrow for our solar install. Yep, working on Saturday. No worries.

I would like to offer our newest financing option to homeowners called Same As Cash! 12 months no down payment and no interest after a initial ACH payment.
Email or call if you have any questions!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Solar Energy Systems Lower Pricing

Welcome back to Ask Doug The Electrician! Its March 30, 2011 and the Sun is finally out! Its actually in the upper 70's right now. Perfect California weather awaiting thousands of solar panels for electricity generation. Roof mounted systems are very common on both a main residence or a garage or barn, however, ground mounted systems and overhang/awning/carport systems are becoming popular as well. Whether you are going to tie into the utility, or want to have back-up battery supply, or just have a motor home, house boat or tent that needs power, I can help you.

I just finished up a small solar energy project yesterday in south San Francisco. I scheduled the and passed our city inspection as well, and left the customer with their utility meter spinning backwards! I had a great time installing the entire project and the customer was extra cool. My A/C conduit run was quite tricky, but turned out exactly what the customer wanted and I was satisfied as well.

I wanted to post this update today to just remind people about pricing for complete solar energy systems as well as single item purchases. I have gathered up a few suppliers of solar energy products around the United States with the absolute best pricing available, including delivery to your project. These suppliers stock the most optimum, latest technologically advanced equipment that produces what they say claim, and have the best warranty's available. I install mostly within the northern California region, including Santa Rosa and Napa down to Monterey. I will absolutely travel throughout California as well, but will charge for travel. Simply put, if you are interested in renewable energy or know someone who is, I would love to help out!
Rebates are going to change drastically at the end of this year and there is no indication of another comparable system yet so you may want to jump in!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Look what I can do! 2011 Service Menu

Thank you for stopping by Ask Doug The Electrician! Happy new year to everyone. I hope that this year brings better opportunities to all. I definitely like hearing about how good business's are doing rather then seeing closed doors and empty parking lots. Working together and referring fellow small business friends and services you have used or know about will be greatly appreciated this year I'm sure. I have just attended a local small business referral group meeting last Thursday and have been since invited to join the group as a member. It will be a great part of our business this year, as I have already made a connection with a few of the members regarding my services.

SO, this year I am focusing on certain tactics to better both myself as well as build a more outstanding company. I am also continuing our charity work for those in need, and will search for other places my help can make a difference.

Now, with this opportunistic attitude I have written down most all of the services that I can provide. Writing these services down, I see that there are quite a lot but there are actual quite a few more. For the meantime, I'll leave out the technical service's. If you know anyone who needs any of these types of services, feel free to email or call for scheduling. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day.

We are a full service electrical and renewable energy solutions contracting business. Consultation, design/lighting design, plan engineering services, city permitting and planning services, service call troubleshooting, remodel specialists, main electrical service upgrade specialists, electrical code compliant home auditing services, home energy efficiency audit services, home or business gas/propane/natural gas/diesel powered alternate generation systems complete installations, complete photovoltaic/solar installations including all required rebate and incentive paperwork, solar/wind turbine/fuel cell supply's and accessories including outdoor camping power packages and full pallet solar panels, and of course an electrician you can ALWAYS call on even if its just a question!

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