Monday, October 3, 2011

Hold your drill with two hands

Welcome back to Ask Doug The Electrician! Happy Monday to everyone. So last week I needed to get a few wires through the bottom plate or mud sill of a residence. I began drilling and just didn't quite have the right body positioning so I stopped to reposition. Once I had my body in the right position I began drilling again. Once the motor kicked in it torqued the drill and it twisted in my hands, hitting my eye and cheek bone... Bummer. I had all my force against the drill in a forward position and not so much in the side to side. Man that got me good! I stayed in the same spot and finished drilling through and made sure it was adequate. Once my partner saw my face and the blood he asked if I was OK, I went inside to clean up real quick. A day later I had a sore black eye.
So, my fellow friends who intend on drilling with your own drill motors, please remember to use two hands and don't put your face near the motor... Good advise!
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