Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Sun and its energy on our planet

Welcome to Ask Doug The Electrician! So here are a couple of cool facts to ponder on about energy consumption. Every six hours the sun bathes the lands of the earth in as much energy as the world consumes in a year. If we could just find a way to collect and distribute that energy our energy problems would be solved. Unfortunately, most of our energy consumption is in the places with the least sunshine.
Solar is the lowest risk technology, with the lowest probability of doing more harm than good. Another way of capturing energy from the sun is called biomass. Biomass captures and stores the suns energy for later use, like bamboo. Biomass can be converted to denser forms like coal, or wood chips and shipped to where it is needed surprisingly economically. Bamboo has been known to grow as much as 48 inches in a 24-hour period and has been observed growing 39 inches per hour for brief periods! The plants can grow to full height in 3-4 months but die naturally on a six-year cycle.
Some of the fuels possible from biomass are: Crude oil/biodiesel, LNG (biomethane), torrified wood pellets, ethanol, methanol, ammonia, wood pellets/chips, liquid hydrogen, and lithium ion batteries. There are more and more possibilities and the future will certainly be an awesome place if we continue on this great path.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Save Electricity

Welcome 2010! Welcome back to Ask Doug The Electrician!
Here's a way to start saving some precious money of yours. Its really easy, just take a look through your house and see what things you can unplug while it is not in use.
Unplug any transformers that you are not using currently, and save electricity! While you are off at work making a couple of bucks, your electricity bill continues to stack up if you leave certain things plugged in. Telephones, shavers, and other types of chargers have a transformer (the black brick), that continues to consume energy while plugged in.
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Ask Doug The Electrician