Sunday, June 5, 2011

Energy Conservation Code Upgrades For 2012

Welcome back to Ask Doug The Electrician. I'm really interested in this Residential construction in California is to be at a Zero net energy by 2020, as per the "California Efficiency Strategic Plan"
For the meantime however, a current energy upgrade will be required for 2012. Homes and buildings are to achieve energy savings of 30% higher than the 2006 code. This upgrade is the biggest single-step efficiency increase in the history of the National Electrical Code!
Homes and commercial buildings produce half of the United States greenhouse gasses and uses more than 75% of the power generated by power plants.
This code upgrade did not require congressional action, and about 500 state, county and city building and fire code officials from all around the United States voted to upgrade the code.
These changes will affect new construction and retrofits for homes, businesses, schools, churches and commercial buildings. Most of the changes impact heating and cooling loss, windows and skylights, insulation in walls, ceilings and foundations, water heating and distribution systems, and lighting efficiency.
Stocks in green building companies may be something to keep an eye on too!

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