Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sun, Solar and Free Energy

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Well since the sun has been peaking out lately, we have been busy advocating solar energy! In the last week, we have installed two small solar energy systems here in California. One was in Livermore and the other was in Milpitas. Kind of a cool thing, both projects were on the same Hayward fault line. No earthquakes though, so the days went without any shaking...
Both projects were using the same solar panels, Canadian Solar 230 watt. We installed Enphase micro inverters under each panel on the roof so the DC power is converted to A/C power immediately! This eliminates generated power loss and the need for one single large inverter is gone. Enphase micro inverters are an excellent choice if your roof experiences some shading during the day.
Two projects in one week was awesome! I hope to help out more and more people save money and begin producing their own electricity.
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