Friday, January 21, 2011

Look what I can do! 2011 Service Menu

Thank you for stopping by Ask Doug The Electrician! Happy new year to everyone. I hope that this year brings better opportunities to all. I definitely like hearing about how good business's are doing rather then seeing closed doors and empty parking lots. Working together and referring fellow small business friends and services you have used or know about will be greatly appreciated this year I'm sure. I have just attended a local small business referral group meeting last Thursday and have been since invited to join the group as a member. It will be a great part of our business this year, as I have already made a connection with a few of the members regarding my services.

SO, this year I am focusing on certain tactics to better both myself as well as build a more outstanding company. I am also continuing our charity work for those in need, and will search for other places my help can make a difference.

Now, with this opportunistic attitude I have written down most all of the services that I can provide. Writing these services down, I see that there are quite a lot but there are actual quite a few more. For the meantime, I'll leave out the technical service's. If you know anyone who needs any of these types of services, feel free to email or call for scheduling. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day.

We are a full service electrical and renewable energy solutions contracting business. Consultation, design/lighting design, plan engineering services, city permitting and planning services, service call troubleshooting, remodel specialists, main electrical service upgrade specialists, electrical code compliant home auditing services, home energy efficiency audit services, home or business gas/propane/natural gas/diesel powered alternate generation systems complete installations, complete photovoltaic/solar installations including all required rebate and incentive paperwork, solar/wind turbine/fuel cell supply's and accessories including outdoor camping power packages and full pallet solar panels, and of course an electrician you can ALWAYS call on even if its just a question!

Thank you for visiting Ask Doug The Electrician! [|B }~

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