Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Solar Energy Systems Lower Pricing

Welcome back to Ask Doug The Electrician! Its March 30, 2011 and the Sun is finally out! Its actually in the upper 70's right now. Perfect California weather awaiting thousands of solar panels for electricity generation. Roof mounted systems are very common on both a main residence or a garage or barn, however, ground mounted systems and overhang/awning/carport systems are becoming popular as well. Whether you are going to tie into the utility, or want to have back-up battery supply, or just have a motor home, house boat or tent that needs power, I can help you.

I just finished up a small solar energy project yesterday in south San Francisco. I scheduled the and passed our city inspection as well, and left the customer with their utility meter spinning backwards! I had a great time installing the entire project and the customer was extra cool. My A/C conduit run was quite tricky, but turned out exactly what the customer wanted and I was satisfied as well.

I wanted to post this update today to just remind people about pricing for complete solar energy systems as well as single item purchases. I have gathered up a few suppliers of solar energy products around the United States with the absolute best pricing available, including delivery to your project. These suppliers stock the most optimum, latest technologically advanced equipment that produces what they say claim, and have the best warranty's available. I install mostly within the northern California region, including Santa Rosa and Napa down to Monterey. I will absolutely travel throughout California as well, but will charge for travel. Simply put, if you are interested in renewable energy or know someone who is, I would love to help out!
Rebates are going to change drastically at the end of this year and there is no indication of another comparable system yet so you may want to jump in!

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