Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photovoltaic, PV, Solar, its all great!

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I was reading about photovoltaic systems today and found some interesting facts and information that you should be aware of.

Some Advantages of a Photovoltaic/Solar system:

No moving parts, minimal maintenance
Safe and simple operation
High dependability, durable and long life (30+ years)
Scalable in output, from micro-watts to millions of watts (megawatts)
Silent operation
Maximum output coincident with peak utility power loads (summer time)
No emissions, no pollution
Portable, easy and fast to install anywhere
Available everywhere there is sunlight.
Ability to integrate attractively into existing and new buildings

The U.S. electricity demand was almost 4 trillion at watts (4 Terawatts or TW) and is growing at approximately 1.7% per year. Current projections place demand somewhere between 11 TW and 18 TW by 2050.
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